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Do you ever wonder who has the best webcam sites on the internet today? Sure there is hundreds to choose from. You have the top sites like Chaturbate and Stripcamfun's Webcam Porn. Then you got Yescams and Cam4. With so many choices to have an adult chat with the camgirl of your choice where are you going to turn? That is why we got the Top Cam Websites so we can help people like you decide where to turn when you want to pull on your buddy or body! I know people who have thought they got free tokens but put their credit card info in and have been took for all their money, I also know people who got all kinds of free tokens on Chaturbate for example by exploiting a loophole in the system. We will tell you what we know and how to do it.

I bet at this point you are probably wondering who we are. It is actually just a me and I am a webmaster and owner of a few of the top cam sites today. If you are here I know you know those websites but more importantly I know my competition, it is what I got to do as a sucessful for webcam company. After looking at all their weakness and exploits I have thought what a better way to show them then on this webs website.

Some of you will probably call bullshit on that and that is fine. But most of you will take the knowledge you learn here and make an informed decision on where you want to spend your money at. That is what I hope you do and I know you will end up at one of my websites with one of my webcam models (at least that is what I am hoping). So take a look around take what you want and store the rest, one day you might need it.

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